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With the advancements in mobile technology, users are quickly moving from desktops to mobile. Exemplarr Worldwide has established the expertise in developing interactive and engaging material for the mobile world. ePlus was created to demonstrate Exemplarr's capabilities in the eLearning and the ePublishing space and more specifically for mobile devices which comes from the synergy of the research team, the creative team and the development team. Apart from staying ahead with the latest trends and developing products, the teams also advise customers in solving their problems and educating them in innovative practical ways of achieving the result.

      + Content Development, Instructional Designing and Storyboarding
Exemplarr has an internal team of Instructional Designers who develop storyboards from content. We have a network of subject matter experts who develop custom lessons based on different syllabi on all academic subjects for various grades. The Instructional Designers create complete storyboards that define each slide with the On Screen Text, Narration, Visual and its Description and the Duration of each Slide.
      + Artwork & Graphics
Exemplarr has an artwork team that develops graphics from icons and interfaces to subject illustrations and realistic drawings. The team ensures that the colors used are meaningful, evoke the right emotion and is pleasant to the user at the same time. The team has experience working on a specific range of colors where there was such a requirement. The team easily adapts to different styles of drawing depending on customer requirement. Picture cleaning, color correction and enhancement are also handled. The artwork team has contributed significantly even to lead book publishers.
      + Animation
The animation team has the capability to develop both 2D and 3D animations. Developing animations is an art in itself. The animation should be of the right duration and should have the right focus and panning. The team develops engaging animation while ensuring that the attention of the user on the subject is not lost.
      + Simulation
The coding team writes simulations for various science and mathematics based activities where the behavior of the system should depend on the behavior of the user. The code can be used to develop even simple interactivities to create an interest in the user. Simulations are logically and mathematically intensive and the team has the expertise to develop these.
      + Audio & Video
Exemplarr has the capability to edit video and audio tracks and optimize them for use in the course content. Large audio and video files are sliced and reordered or used in different scenarios. Exemplarr has a network of professional voice artists, studios and videographers who assist in the eLearning projects.
      + Application Development
The software team develops applications for the desktop and the internet. Tools are developed to make the production work processes simpler and faster. The team has built ecommerce and CRM applications in the past.
      + Scripting (Web) and LMS
The application development team also develops web-based scripts and flash scripts. These scripts are used both on server-side and client-side. Exemplarr has the capability to integrate content into an LMS.

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Each file is 5MB-8MB. It could take a few minutes.
Animated Childrens ePub
Each page is a short video with music, OST, narration.
Interactive ePubs
Small animations based on events (script).
Read Aloud ePub3
Read aloud with text highlight and auto flip.
Sudoku Puzzles
HTML5-JS touch based game demo.
Flash-HTML5 (Math 2D)
This simulation is written for touch based devices
Flash-HTML5 (Math 3D)
Users can rotate simple 3D objects by touch.
Artwork and Animation
Ability to develop art work from imagination.
App Development
Simple dictionary app for children.